А leading German Financial and HR consultancy firm specializing in tax remunerations.

The Business

ValueNet offers its enterprise clients a fast and efficient way to manage and optimize the “tax-free extras” for their employees. It has more than 200 B2B customers and 100 employees.

The Challenge

ValueNet was growing rapidly and they were looking to extend their IT team with top-notch developers. However, the scope of their work exceeded the number of resources they were able to hire locally. So they started searching for a reliable outsourced IT team to take on their project.

White Lotus Order’s team stepped in to tackle these crucial tasks:

  • Preparing the project roadmap and code documentation
  • Create a scalable solution for their remuneration portal
  • Improve the UI design of their portal
  • Implement new features to increase sales and customer retention
  • Rapid and adaptive communication in the swift and unexpected challenges of a booming business

The Solution

Upon analyzing the ValueNet’s requirements and workflows, our development team proposed a 3 stage solution  – “Organize, Raise and Develop”.

Organize the work process through its knowledge of Project Management. 

Raise the current solution metrics to meet the needs for reliability, maintainability, scalability of the client.

Develop and deliver new major functionalities of their portal.

The Results

White Lotus Order Solutions provided ValueNet with a team that is adaptable to constant changes and new requirements. Our team completed the following:

1. Develop a “Bonus Delivery System” which helped ValueNet land their largest client 80k new users to the system.

2. Develop a “Company Tax Optimization Calculator” which helped ValueNet extend its network of partners with the largest tax-related company in Germanycal.

Thanks to the cooperation with White Lotus Order Solutions, ValueNet was able to both scale its revenue and deliver a better service to the current customers.

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