QA & Software Testing

Ensure a trouble-proof software with our dependable QA and software testing services.

Proven QA process

We deliver QA services according a set of procedures and guidelines we developed based on the best industry standards. Our QA testers prevent defects from occurring in the first place. This way they facilitate the high quality and timely delivery of every software solution.

Take control of your QA

WLOS QA services will help you establish concrete control over your product’s life cycle. This way you monitor every development stage and we give you accurate product quality information. Our QA experts have been using the latest practices and technologies to ensure efficient performance and high-quality project implementation.

QA and testing done right


Get full visibility into the development and QA process via videoconferencing and shared tools for real-time project tracking. Constant performance evaluation to spot early risks and identify the root causes.


Track project cost and performance in real time. This way you discover anomalies as soon as they appear and implement corrective strategies to keep the project on track.

High satisfactory level

Deliver a top-quality product to your users with every update. build an impeccable brand reputation, expand your audience, and boost your bottom line.

Risks reduction

We propose and implement optimal risk mitigation strategies to preserve your peace of mind throughout the entire process. We use early risk assessment and regular risk re-evaluation.

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QA & Testing for you

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